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Twisted leather ribbons give the dynamics of the jewelleries, as their colour easily adjust to different trends. On the one hand vivid colours which refreshingly complete each other , while on the other, pastel tones or monochrome moods melt into one another. Besides leather bracelets, such accessories compose our collection that can be used as necklace or belt.

In addition to jewelery, we also offer classic-style   wallets, various sizes and types of cases  made of special genuine leather,  which are the ideal accessory for our bags.




CHAMELEON bags are amongst the most successful members of the brand, as being colourful and fulfilling individual needs does not only charms younger generations. The CHAMELEON Notebook and Everyday bags are two-sided. Each side is different both in colour and material and thanks to the buckles, the variety of accessary bags are endless. It depends on the customers’ personal needs, that how many different do they buy and what colour handle do they choose. In this way they can adjust it to their current clothing and needs, with which side and how big bag do they compose.


I like minimalist-designed pieces, order and harmony around me, the simple, functionalist design. In the past years several architects and stylist likened my bags unto modern buildings’ style. I came to realize that several pieces of my work were indirectly influenced by this world of forms.

"During the design of my latest collection I summarized what modern architecture means to me personally. I found the basics of my inspiration in the creations of minimalist japan architecture. The selection of a name, TATEMONO, refers to this, which in Japanese means building. Hiroshi Nakamura’s Ribbon Chapel, Spiral Building in Nagoya, and also Carlo Scarpa’s and Roman Vlasov’s buildings inpired me.

Beside noble commodities, simple, geometric shapes and lively or pure soil-colours, strong contrasts characterises them. Inside the frame of minimalist form-shaping I aimed to design these bags characterful and unique, such as those buildings that inspired me."




In the previous collection, the minimalistic style, modern pieces of architecture had a great impact on the designer of LAONI Design. Simple and clear shapes are the main characteristics of the bags, with a special material- or colour combination, which makes them even more special.
The latest collection- the STONEBAG collection – was inspired by natural slate, which was not used in this form before, an innovative architectural commodity.
In the bags of STONEBAG collection, the rigid surface of the stone and the grand leather commodity creates a fine harmony. During design process, simple geometrical shapes alongside with symmetry are put forward, so that special commodities and metal supplies prevail. Natural colours of slate were amended with pure surface, natural toned or even controversial, complementary colours of leather. The creation of the bags requires a lot of manual labour, as they are uniquely made in the brand’s Budapest based workroom. The manufacturing process is lengthy, so that the bags are only available in a certain amount and only in serial numbered pieces. The main characteristics of LAONI – namely the midget, fine detailed solutions – also watermarks these pieces. Special handles and detailed elaboration makes these bags a characteristic, extravagant accessories, a true “jewellery” of guise.





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